History of WSTU Radio Broadcasting Signal

During its inception, WSTU Radio station broadcast its programming in two different manners. One manner was via a subcarrier signal on the 98.1 FM frequency in which the listener would need a special subcarrier receiver in order to pick up the station’s broadcast in various locations of the metro Atlanta area. The other way was via low-power in which ten percent of the station’s signal strength was derived from the transmitter of WCLK allowing the listener to pick up the signal on certain parts of the Clark Atlanta campus by tuning in to 91.9 FM which is the frequency of WCLK. This information currently exists in the radio station’s handbook. As years passed, WSTU Radio started experiencing major problems with both pre-mentioned ways of transmitting and decided to move in the direction of internet streaming. In 2006, under the guidance of Clark Atlanta University Instructor and new WSTU Radio Head Advisor Andrew Will, WSTU Radio contacted the Clark Atlanta University OITC department regarding ways to perform internet streaming using bandwidth provided by the OITC department at no cost. After creating the radio station’s first website in 2007, WSTU Radio officially started broadcasting via internet streaming in September of 2007, first on wstu.cau.edu, later on wsturadio.com, and currently onwsturadio.net, thus becoming the first student internet radio station in the Atlanta University Center. Three years later in 2010, the radio station launched its first means of internet streaming on smartphone and other mobile devices via applications provided by “Radio Time” and “Wunder Radio” in which the listener would have to pay a $7.00 fee for the application to be downloaded to his or her mobile device. In order to save its listeners some extra cash, the station moved to the application called “TuneIn Radio” which is a free mobile application. Due to these multiple innovative means of transmitting, the radio station could now be heard on computers, mobile devices, and even in automobile radios. As the station continued to experience the many issues with both the subcarrier signal along with the low-power frequency, WSTU Radio decided to soley transmit via internet streaming on a 24/7 basis. WSTU Radio, as a live internet streaming station, continues to broadcast a vast number of student radio shows for years to come. Some of the programming in the past and present consists of two to four-hour live student radio talk and music shows, radio documentaries, dramas, news programming, and live sports broadcasts of all Clark Atlanta home football games and several home basketball games. One program in particular featured a live interview with Dr. Jeff Phillips, then Vice President of Academic Affairs, regarding important topics involving student enrollment and financial aid. Even several faculty members became involved with the broadcasting aspects of the station such as Professor Andrew Will’s “Power Hits 101” and Dr. Shawn Bulloch’s “Heat of the Night” radio shows. In addition to its live streaming, WSTU Radio currently offers its programming via audio and video podcasting on sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Mixcloud. You can also follow us on Instagram at @WSTURadiostation, Twitter at @WSTU_Radio, Snapchat and Periscope at @WSTURadiostation.

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