Kodie Shane “Stay Tuned”

Kodie Shane released a new tape last night for her fans, which call themselves ”Shane Gang”. The new tape was a surprise drop for fans and was seen as a gift from her to them. The tape is titled, “Stay Tuned” which could be a message to tell fans that her album is on the way. The tape has six songs on it, accompanied by heavy hitters of today’s music industry. On the tape, Kodie is accompanied by stars such as Rich Da Kid, Famous Dex, and Smooky Margelia. Kodie is also on the tape accompanied by long time friends, Lil Yachty, Saucy Longwe and Trippie Redd. Between everybody on the tape you can hear the combination of electric sounds and great chemistry that Kodie has with each person which brings the tape to life. About a month ago, she also released an assortment of songs such as “Sing to Her” and “Flex on Me”. With Kodie, constantly putting out new music, we can do nothing but continue to, ”Stay Tuned”.

You can listen to Flex on Me and Sing to Her below.



You can stream Stay Tuned below.


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