Video: ATL’s Marcel Alexander Releases New Visual for “Wake Up”

Life is short, so we should do whatever it is that we love while we’re here. Marcel Alexander’s motto is “Live Life Lite.” Come with Marcel as he celebrates the good life on a refreshing new video titled, “Wake Up.” Watch as director, Caleb Seales, captures a crazy high energy house party. The hen is pouring, the loud smoke is in the air, fashion forward apparel and fine women are everywhere! This is just another day in the life of Mr. LiveLifeLite, Marcel Alexander, as he invites you, the viewer, to turn up with the crew. “Wake Up” offers you that fun side of Marcel. He explains that he is just a simple man who only needs, but a few things in life to be happy: his loved ones and his cup! He spreads his positive brand of hip-hop over a contemporary stick and deep piano keys track by Fade Majah, that gives the whole song a nice upscale feel. “Wake Up” serves as a sample of the great vibes you will get from his long-awaited debut EP, “Dream Love Party.”


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