Music: Yasmeen Gives Us Another Anthem with “Half of Me”

While “My Way” continues to draw a buzz online, Yasmeen doesn’t lose momentum with her follow up single “Half of Me.” As an emerging artist, Yasmeen is beginning to make a stamp in the music world. “My Way” found it’s way on Karen Civil as a select feature, the single landed on a curated Spotify Playlist, and your favorite music sites shared it on their social networks.

Apple Music has also taken a liking to Yasmeen, by showcasing her on Ebro’s “Discovered” show on Beats 1. “Half of Me” is a single more urban driven and falls within R&B, using some trap undertones. It’s a personal song, written about a failed relationship that many of us can relate to. “I wrote this song about my ex, then made him produce it,” said Yasmeen through email. Check out “Half of Me” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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