Music: PKThe1 – “Together”

PKThe1 makes his debut with a new single “Together.”

Patrick Kenyatta better known as Pkthe1 is a young MC hailing from the Bronx; the birth place of hip hop. Hip-Hop is encoded in his DNA. With influences such as Dip-Set, Big Pun, and 50 Cent infused with the power of early R&B and soul music.

Pk brings a refreshing new energy to the hip hop scene that been long over due; with heart felt lyrics detailing everything from his life in the streets, to family life, to females, and just even having fun.

Pk has garnered the attention of audience from a wide spectrum of demographics ave continues to do so as he looks to release his new mixtape/album Pkasso (The Art of Seduction). Follow PkThe1 @pkthe1_dolo on all social media and look for PkThe1 on iTunes, Pandora, Google Music, and SoundCloud, etc for more updates.


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