Video: Bam Espiritu – “Aston Martin” by FreshfromDE

Earlier this year, the catchy “007 themed” concept single ‘Aston Martin’ by FreshfromDE gained the attention of Hip-Hop “Choreographer” / “Freestyler” / “Krumper,” Bam Espiritu, who decided to give the track his own unique freestyle interpretation, through the aperture of his choreo projects series, providing a curtain raising announcement for the imminent [soon!] release of the official ‘Aston Martin’ video, and to help bring attention to his dance team’sSoulFresh clothing line. Anticipate the NEW ‘Aston Martin’ video this April, 2017, plus ‘The Ritual’ LP from FreshfromDE x Roca Beats sometime in the summer, 2017 [TBA]. #bamespiritu #soulfresh #astonmartin #freshfromde


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