News: @MikeVick Pens Letter To The City Of Atlanta


Michael Vick officially announced his retirement from the NFL a few days back after 13 years in the league back after talks fell through with the Minnesota Vikings. Most hoped for a return to the Atlanta Falcons — his team he started out with but the organization had different plans for him when they invited him out to the Georgia Dome for the last home game of the season for a special ceremony. The former Falcons QB Vick had words for the fans who still had pain in their hearts from Vick’s past from dogfighting.

Vick not only addressed the fans and expressed his remorse for the pain he caused but he also wrote a personal letter to the City of Atlanta where he shared his experience in prison, rooting for the Falcons, how their would be no Michael Vick without the Falcons, the Madden “Vick Rule,” and so much more about his time not only as #7 for the Falcons, but the culture of Atlanta in his time and current day.

“It really did feel like Atlanta culture was at its peak … and I really did feel like I was right there at the center of it.” – Michael Vick

Check out the full page story here on The Players Tribune.


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