Music: @DEEM_Adot – “LoKeyHii” (Album)


Chicago artist Deem hits us with his second release in under a year “LoKeyHii”. The project sounds like a smooth summer boat ride with a couple big scary waves. The lead single Visine is like meditation music accompanied by a trippy visual in Big Sur off the California coast. Tracks like “The Lits”, “Stress”, “Better U” & “9 to 5” turn the night up. while songs “Lil Bae” & Time off ” set that candle lit mood for the after party. Deem is from the south-side of Chicago and is shows on tracks like “Pussyniggaphobia” & Curve Season. You can put this one on and play it all the way thru. The second to last track pain addresses the loss of his mother this past year w/ a edm type bridge at the end courtesy off GxxdStress. LoKeyHii is a level up for Deem from the strictly bars style rap on earlier TMCB w/ stronger hooks, more melodic flows. The Rave-ish / wavy video from the Lits is coming soon.


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