Video: @ElceeTheArtist – “Little Tings”


ElceeTheArtist makes his WSTU Radio debut with new visual “Little Tings” from his new EP, Love Notes.

The track takes on the subject of the “little tings” that everyone in a relationship really appreciates, but can never truly articulate. The track gives praise to the little tings, more than they normally ever get. The track has become a 2:59 ode to the unsung contribution of little tings. The video brings a visual component to this story. It puts those little tings in an odd scenario which creates this juxtaposition with reality that highlights just how much value those little tings have in a relationship. The little tings are often lost because they’re taken for granted. They become so commonplace in a relationship that they never stand out. It’s why they’re called the little tings, but when cast in this slightly absurd scenario, the little tings become so obvious.

With some stunning shots, smooth transitions, and interesting locations it’s easy to see that 5000 Pound Films isn’t losing their edge. The subject matter aside, the video is visually striking and includes an impressive dance number. All in all, the visuals really do belong with the “Little Tings.” The video captures the heart of what “Little Tings” is about, but also visually matches Bonham Carter’s staccato melodies, and snappy drums. Both the track, and the video create a light-hearted and upbeat vibe, and together they’re like two partners in a relationship.


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