Video: Drake Brings Eminem On Stage In Detroit For Summer Sixteen Tour

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.23.55 AM

What a way to close out the night and end a beef that never really happened. Amidst the Summer Sixteen Tour, Drake brought out Eminem on stage in Detroit Tuesday night.

If you remember their was rumor circulating around that Eminem would soon join in on the battle between Joe Budden and Drake. That wasn’t the case tonight in front of a sold out crowd at Joe Louis Arena where Drake bowed down proclaiming Em as the GOAT. “Detroit, make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on the motherf*cking mic who goes by the name Eminem,” Drake said. Em arose from a hidden door on the middle of the stage where he performed his verse from “Forever” and the crowd went crazy.

For the fans who were expecting a battle, their is nothing to see here but a man who has the solutions to every problem.




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