News: ‘Bad Boys 3’ Now Titled ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Pushed Back To 2018



Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys has a new confirmed date and a new name for their mission. After rumors of a February 2017 release, Sony has gone in a new direction making the release closer to Jan 12, 2018.

The name change goes way back to Bad Boys 2, when Mike (Will Smith) says to his partner Marcus (Martin Lawrence) “we ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.

Bad Boys For Life is the third date we’ve heard in the last year from February 2017, to June 2017 and to now January 2018. There’s no telling if or when they will speak on the fourth installment and if the July 2019 date is still a go.

Previously: Aug 6, 2015:

Det. Mike Lowery and Det. Marcus are returning to motion pictures confirmed by Sony Pictures. But you might have to wait a while. The good news is there are two films coming to a screen near you. “Bad Boys ” is set for Feb 17, 2017 with “Bad Boys 4” slated to bow July 3, 2019. The first two films starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the bad news is though it’s unknown whether either star is on board to continue with the series.


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