Checkmate Presents: ‘Ballin On A Budget’ World Premiere Ft. YFN Lucci & DC Young Fly (Short Film)


Tonight Atlanta was in for a treat at the red carpet exclusive of new short film Ballin On A Budget starring two of Atlanta’s brightest young stars YFN Lucci and DC Young Fly.

CheckMate Business Management presents, Ballin On A Budget, a short film starring two of Atlanta’s embryonic artist YFN Lucci and DC Young Fly, who are one in the same of climbing the ladder to success. Ballin On A Budget is a portrayal of two rappers, from the streets of Atlanta GA, that sign a million dollar record deal with no instructions or knowledge of how the industry works. The film was arranged with the intentions of displaying the results of overnight success with no professional advisement or plans for future actions. It illustrates the humbling beginning and ending of one’s career when being on top is no longer the case.

Check out the official trailer below of the short film directed by 2 Mill.


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