Video: C.KHiD – “New Rap Songs”

2 girls - 1 arm up ( no flash diamond )

Throwback moment! As the new C.KHiD album “abKw2P” buzzes social media & blogs, why not get a little more? The non-promoted album “New Rap Songs” is starting to buzz on Spotify and here’s a look at why. C.KHiD lashes out with a little lyricism for his global audience of original Hip-Hop culture.

A lightweight comedian in the rhymes, C.KHiD raps “I’m quicker than Zebras being chased by a Cheetah/ Wearing the best adidas / 1 second running the meter.” The line being a show of confidence in his own intelligence it may be harder for some to follow but it’s clever.

Watch the video and then stream C.KHiD “NRS” for free on Tidal or Spotify


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