VH1 ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Stars Yandy & Mendeecees Harris + 8 years Federal prison

Yandy-Smith-and-Mendeecees-Harris-Married-on-Love-and-Hip-Hop-NY-Wedding-Special-4.pngIn a blink of an eye a happily ever after can turn into an eternity of pressure. Yandy former manager of Jim Jones and LHH reality star is now dealing with the court systems once again on behalf of her husband Mendeecees.

Anyone who has trailed the LHH series knows of the struggles the Harris family has faced with the previous seasons as well as their victory of a union. This strong couple is once again dealing with court system in regards to a drug trafficking charge that was pending.

Mendeecees has been sentenced to 8 years in the federal prison. With their faith in God and the strong bond the Harris family has it is evident that they will survive the stumbling block in their way.

Mendeecees took to social media saying: “Young men let my life be an example to you now before it’s too late. Better who you are now in your children’s lives and in society so you can change the path of your fate,” the 37-year-old father of four wrote in an Instagram post. “Lack of opportunities, a fatherless home, the unforgiven neighborhood and circumstances you grew up in can no longer be your excuse. Trust me I tried. And it doesn’t make the pain your family feels any different.”

Our prayers are with Mendeecees and Yandy at this time.


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