Mixtape: Waka Flocka – “Flockaveli 1.5”


Issues with the label Waka? mmmmmh have the listeners wonder why we are getting a 1.5 but worries the rebel of ATL has graced us once again with another mixtape. With so many artists in the entertainment industry and the mixtape only having two features with Wooh Da Kid and Chaz Gotti Waka must be delivering some real heat for the streets. Make sure the true Hard in the Pain fans tune in to Waka’s latest mixtape.


  1. Shootin (Prod. By Southside & TM88)
  2. Short Handed Feat. Chaz Gotti (Prod. By Southside & TM88)
  3. Blue or Red (Prod. By Southside & Metro Boomin)
  4. M.O.N.E.Y (Prod. By Southside)
  5. Rap Fucked Up (Prod. By B Wheezy)
  6. Workin (Prod. By Terantino)
  7. Am 2 Pm (Prod. By Southside & DJ Spinz)
  8. Birthday (Prod. By Southside)
  9. Feel Bout Me (Prod. By Southside & TM88)
  10. Lose My Mind (Prod. By Fuse)
  11. Trappin N Rappin (Prod. By Southside)
  12. No Lie (Prod. By Southside)
  13. Blood Brother Feat. Wooh Da Kid (Prod. By Southside)
  14. Hit A Lick (Prod. By YK)
  15. How It Feel (Prod. By Black Metaphor)

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