News: YG Covers The Fader

While still preparing the release of Still Krazy expected to come in 2016, YG shows off the new head tat on the cover of latest issue of The Fader. In the story he talks about new music, people jealous of his success and more.

Check out an excerpt of the cover story below and read the full article here.

“It’s a Saturday in September, and YG is on the top floor of a split-level rooftop patio in Hollywood, holding court over a small spread of boneless wings and a chilled Dos Equis. A churning Jacuzzi buoys a large Bathing Ape floatie nearby, and a tableau of lush trees, luxury cars, and impossibly gorgeous real estate rolls across the surrounding hills and valleys. The home’s owner, Sickamore, a former Def Jam A&R who is now VP of A&R at Epic, runs a game of Madden 16 downstairs with YG’s day-to-day manager Nano and longtime friend Psych. The guys throw parties here sometimes, and neighbors rarely complain. Just last week, YG woke up on this very patio to impassioned fellatio from a houseguest, before nodding off for a few more hours.”


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