News: Kid Cudi Reveals ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’ Tracklist


Kid Cudi has been working on his new album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven for some time now and last month he revealed it would be a double disc album set to release December 4th. On Twitter he revealed the ‘A Side’ to the album which will have 18 tracks and no features. So far he has released three singles, ‘Confused’, ‘Judgmental Cunt’ and ‘Wedding Tux’. Check out the tracklist below and let us know what you think.

‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’ Track List:

  1. Edge of the Earth/Post-Mortem Boredom
  2. Confused
  3. Man in the Night
  4. Screwed
  5. Fade to Red
  6. Adventures
  7. The Nothing
  8. Amen
  9. Handle with Care
  10. Judgemental Cunt
  11. Séance Chaos
  12. Fairy Tale Remains
  13. Wedding Tux
  14. Angered Kids
  15. Red Sabbath
  16. Fuchsia Butterflies
  17. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven
  18. Embers



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