News: 2 Chainz Announces Next Solo Album & Joint Album With Lil Wayne


Tity Boi 2 Chainz guest appeared on RapRadar’s Podcast series a few days ago to open up about his life, appearing on TV, his upcoming business ventures including his partnership with Adidas and of course new music. Around the 58 minute mark, 2 Chainz began to speak on his upcoming music projects. He revealed that his next album will be titled B.C.

“It’s gonna be called B.C., like B.C. and A.D. B.C. is Before Chainz,’ obviously. A.D. would be like After the Dope Game,’ After the drugs, everything is a different feel. But B.C. is done. It’s Tity Boi. It’s nostalgic.”

During the podcast he also went on to mention that he will have two projects releasing, a solo and a joint project with Lil Wayne titled ColliGrove. The two have history joining forces on previous records “Duffle Bag Boy”, “Yuck” and “Rich As F*ck”.


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