News: Jeezy Set To Release Luxury Brand Champagne


With Jeezy’s new single “Gold Bottles” out now, it looks as though the single was only a glimpse of whats to come. Reportedly the rapper sat down with Avion Tequila Founder Ken Austin to discuss new business. The business endeavor is called “Project Gold Bottles”.

Jeezy spoke on the partnership with Avion Founder Ken Austin in a statement released to the press.

“I have long loved high-end tequila and champagne and this love has inspired me to create a rich, full bodied champagne that represents my passion. I am fortunate to have a partner like Ken whose entrepreneurial track record includes my favorite ultra-premium tequila,” said Jeezy. “Ken has a deep understanding of the drinks space and several luxury categories that I know will be invaluable to growing this business. I look forward to bringing a luxury champagne to my fellow artists and fans in the near future.”

The champagne is expected to be available in 2016. Jeezy’s album, Church In These Streets, hits stores on November 13th.


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