News: BET Uncut To Return To BET


Parents get ready to put those parental advisory locks on the TV after 10 and kids if you’re gonna sneaker make sure the TV volume is turned down low and the last button is set to Disney channel as the world’s most raunchiest and revealing TV series is coming back to cable television. Despite rumors and numerous setbacks BET Uncut is back after it was last on air. If you remember, their were no Instagram or Twitter when it was out so it was either you saw it or you didn’t. In the tech driven society we live in today seeing half naked women will not come to a surprise to many thanks to the internet so this is the closest to soft porn it will get to. From Nelly’s super controversial “Tip Drill” to Black Jesus’ “What That Thing Smell Like” I’m sure there are plenty videos with the uncut edge that would make the cut for the reboot.

BET Uncut is set to return Tuesday August 11 at 11pm


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